Integration of Innovative Distributed Sensors and Actuators in Smart Grids

Welcome to the project website of iniGrid

iniGrid is a project coordinated by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology.

It will innovate the way electric energy is brought to end-use equipment by providing new sensor and actuator technology for actively managed and fault-protected distribution grids.

Essential future functionalities such as dynamic management of line use as well as fault detection and fast service restoration are only possible with appropriate sensors and actuators in place. These sensors and actuators are missing today on the distribution level of a power grid.

Electricity grid simulation at the AIT SmartEST laboratory

This shortcoming will be addressed by iniGrid with the development of new semiconductor-based components which are aimed for commercial and grid applications, alongside the necessary IT and secure networking concepts.


The imperative to reduce CO2 emissions in the electric energy sector in Europe is met with energy efficiency measures, combined with the promotion of renewable energies.

From a power grid perspective, integration of renewable energies is the predominant challenge, while energy efficiency is mostly dealt with by energy end-use equipment. However, both areas have to be tackled in order to reach the goal of a sustainable energy system. As a consequence of the massive integration of renewables, active capacity management in distribution grids will become necessary in order to avoid high investments in grid reinforcements.

Management of line use in congestion situations is only possible with appropriate sensors and actuators in place. iniGrid will deliver those state-of-the-art sensors under the important aspects of economic feasibility and secure grid implementation.